Esri UK launches new geospatial student scholarships to help diversify the industry

Micro-scholarships aim to help larger number of Black and mixed Black heritage students Esri UK today announced it has partnered with Akama Fund, a charity dedicated to supporting students and facilitating accessible scholarships, to create a new scholarship programme for Black and mixed Black heritage students. Designed to support 60 higher education students, in disciplines […]

Claremont Interior Design Scholarship 2023

THIS SCHOLARSHIP HAS BEEN AWARDED TO MIA CHARLES, UNIVERSITY OF PORTSMOUTH! READ MORE HERE. AKAMA FUND IS CONTINUING TO SUPPORT INTERIOR DESIGN STUDENTS SO PLEASE REGISTER HERE FOR COMMUNITY ACCESS. — The Claremont Interior Design Scholarship is a wonderful opportunity for talented students from Black and Ethnic Minority backgrounds who are passionate about pursuing a […]

Closing the Digital Divide: Akama Fund Provides Laptops to Students in Need

The digital divide has been a long-standing issue for students from low-income backgrounds, who often lack access to the technology needed to succeed in their studies. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this problem, as schools have transitioned to online learning and students are expected to have their own computers to participate in classes. In […]

Breaking the Mold: Rethinking Scholarships for Greater Accessibility and Equity

Scholarships are an excellent way for students to finance their education, especially those from low-income backgrounds. Unfortunately, accessing scholarships can be challenging for many students. Each scholarship is different, with its own set of criteria, and 41%* of students in the UK are not aware of funding available to them. When students do find a […]

Rising Cost of Living and the Threat to Technical Education

As the cost of living continues to rise, students pursuing specialized higher education in fields such as medicine and engineering are facing unprecedented financial challenges. With the burden of student loans and the cost of living expenses, many students are finding it increasingly difficult to complete their degrees. This cost of living crisis is not […]

Giving Tuesday Fundraiser

Akama Fund, a registered charity based in London, is launching its first ever platform fundraiser starting from Giving Tuesday (29th November 2022). We hope to create a globally-scalable platform for students from low income backgrounds and modern day philanthropists that will provide opportunities, support systems (including funding) – all in one place! As the African […]