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Akama Fund believes in students’ potential to make a positive impact on the world, but financial barriers often hinder their success. Our transparent platform simplifies the process of providing financial support to students, eliminating complicated requirements.

Our Vision

A world where every student is able to pursue a fulfilling career, and in turn, help the generations after them to achieve the same. 

The Problem

Archaic Applications

Current scholarship application processes are outdated and lack accessibility. 

This can result in many deserving students being excluded from the opportunity to receive financial support for their education. One major issue is that many scholarships have strict requirements and deadlines that can be difficult for some students to meet, such as participation in extracurricular activities. This can leave out students who may have the potential to succeed academically but who may not have had the same opportunities or resources as other students.

Old School Funding

For many generous individuals, providing funding can present challenges such as the lack of transparency and control over where their funds are spent.

This can hinder their ability to make meaningful contributions to education, and they often lack guidance on where their funds can be best utilized. Moreover, donors often do not receive feedback on the impact of their contributions, leaving them unaware of the difference they have made. At Akama Fund, we aim to address these issues by providing a transparent and traceable platform that enables donors to see where their funds are being used and track the progress of the students they are supporting. 

Network Effect

It's important to recognize that students need more than just funding to break through social barriers.

Students from underprivileged or marginalized backgrounds pursuing higher education often face unique challenges. This is related to limited access to professional networks, and systemic barriers that can limit their success in the job market after graduation. At Akama Fund, we believe that providing holistic support that encompasses mentorship, training, and access to networks is crucial in helping these students succeed not only in university but also in their professional lives.

The Platform

Our mission is to transform the scholarship process by empowering students and supporters to connect, collaborate and invest in education through our innovative, accessible and efficient platform. We strive to eliminate barriers and biases, allowing more students to fulfill their potential.

Key Benefits

Success Through Community: We All Benefit from the Support of Others.

Despite having great first year results in Engineering, I couldn’t financially afford to progress into my second year. A tutor, who saw my potential, paid for me to continue. This act of generosity changed my life. The Akama initiative is a groundbreaking movement and I believe it can lessen the role circumstances play in educational outcomes.

Jim, San Francisco

UK Graduate in Engineering, 2001

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