Removing Barriers to Education: Akama Fund Sponsors Student Travel in Greater Manchester and Beyond

Akama Fund, a non-profit organization, has recently announced that it will be sponsoring travel for students in Greater Manchester, with plans to expand more broadly in the future. This initiative aims to remove transportation barriers for students, which can be a significant factor in their decision to continue their studies.

Many students face financial challenges while pursuing higher education, and transportation costs can add a significant burden. Students who cannot afford transportation may find it challenging to attend classes, access academic resources, participate in extracurricular activities, and complete internships. Akama Fund seeks to address these challenges by providing free transportation for students for at least one semester, which they believe can make a significant difference in their educational outcomes.

The program will be launched in Greater Manchester, with plans to expand to other areas in the future. The initiative is a response to the growing concern about the impact of transportation costs on student retention and academic success. Studies have shown that students who face transportation barriers are more likely to drop out of university, leading to a lower overall success rate in education.

Scotland has recently introduced free public transport for everyone under 22 and several European countries, including the Netherlands (since 1991!), already support their students with free public transport.

Akama Fund’s initiative provides an opportunity for donors to support students in their academic pursuits by contributing to the fund. Donations will be used to cover transportation costs for students in need, allowing them to focus on their studies and reach their academic goals.

By providing free transportation for students, Akama Fund is taking a proactive step towards addressing the financial challenges that many students face while pursuing higher education. This initiative has the potential to make a significant impact on the academic success and retention of students in Greater Manchester and beyond.

In conclusion, the Akama Fund’s sponsorship of travel for students is a significant factor in helping them stay in university, and donors can support the initiative by donating. The organization’s plans to expand more broadly in the future will help even more students access education without the burden of transportation costs.


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